Affiliate TOS Page

PB.Network Affiliate Terms/Rules:

PB.Network’s affiliate referrals will only pay out for PAID accounts. Free trials will count as a referral, and upon upgrading to a PAID account, you will be paid the commission.
PB.Networks payment threshold is indicated under the section “Payments”.
Payments are made out at the end of each month. NO minimum payments.
Affiliate accounts that are left inactive will be considered abandoned and will be removed from our system, and balances forfeited. An inactive account is defined as an account that has not been logged into within the past 6 months.
You must not try to process self referrals or any fraudulent orders.
We reserve the right to refuse or hold any payouts for any reason we find fraudulent or if you break one of our terms.
You must not falsly indicate or claim to be affiliated with PB.Network in any way, without our direct permission.
You cannot offer any unauthorized promotions (ie. coupons) or incentives in attempt to lure customers to direct traffic through your affiliate link.
We do not allow affiliates to indirectly obtain a discount by either using their own link, sharing it with a friend, or associate of any kind for a discounted rate.
Coupons may not be placed on “coupon” sites offering coupons for PB.Network. Traffic must come from an advertisement, or recommendation for a rank tracker.

You are free to bid on PPC networks for keywords related to rank tracking with the intent to direct traffic to PB.Network.
You can use paid traffic (PPC) with intent to direct traffic to PB.Network. We do not allow any affiliates to bid on keywords relating to our brand / trademark (PB.Network) or Trademark + bidding (i.e PB.Network Coupons). Some examples of prohibited keywords:
“PB.Network coupon”
“PB.Network review”

Last Updated: 2017-10-14

We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time.

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