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Seo Website Audit

Seo Website Audit: Onpage Optimization Vs Offpage Optimization (2022)

Rambling across various webmaster forums you might have stumbled upon the discussions like “Which is more important on page or off page SEO?” Some folks their state that link building is the key to online domination and on page SEO is good-for-nothing. Some put forward contra arguments saying that “Content is king!” and on page […]

Back Link Strategies

Back Link Strategies for Search Engine Optimization (2022)

We all know the value of back links when it comes to search engine optimization campaigns. But unfortunately, some myths have developed because of many years of false assumptions brewed in the rumor mills. The fact is, some linking strategies are labeled as red flags by the search engines. Determining them will help us know […]

How much content per post in pbn

How much content should you write per post on each blog ?

Supplying content to a blog in a private blog network is an important step to keep it alive.  The amount of content in each post is not quite as important as the sincerity of the post itself.  The key to success is to approach content generation as if the blog was not part of a […]

general or target niche blogs

Should the blogs be on general niche or targeted niche?

The purpose of a private blog network is to drive mass amounts of traffic to other websites and increase their page ranking in search engines.  As such, the content of each blog should be tailored to pull in interested users.  General and targeted niche blogs have different benefits and drawbacks concerning drawing in viewers. Defining […]

sites in pbns

How many sites should you have in your network?

Creating a private blog network is a process that can greatly differ depending on various factors.  Budget, time, and resources are generally the greatest limiting factors.  The size of a PBN can vary based on any of these, as well as other factors such as availability of bulk domain packages.  In general, the size of […]

Public or private blog networks

Public blog networks vs. private blog networks

Public and private blog networks both serve the same end goal: boosting traffic for money sites.  Both types come with risks and rewards, and both can be successful if constructed properly.  In general, however, private blog networks are far safer.  Ultimately, public networks are an inferior option for this reason, but can be useful for […]

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