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Using Long Tail Key Words

Using Long Tail Key Words to Get People to Your Website

Let’s be honest here, normally you would only add a blog to your website for SEO reasons. I can’t imagine many people like to sit down after a hard day at work and write an article about their business. A blog is a great way to add more pages to your website and target specific […]

Increase Website Income

Ways Authors Can Increase Website Income

Your author platform starts with your site. This is your home on the web, space where you can give your fans a chance to assemble and make the most of your work together. It starts by being a static online location. However, you can make your site a lot more. Here are approaches to enhance […]

Paid Links

Are Paid Links Advantageous To Search Engine Optimisation?

The use of paid links in a search engine optimisation campaign is always the subject of much debate. On the one side of the coin it is believed that search engines devalue the weight given to paid links when determining the ranking of a web page. On the other hand it is difficult for search […]

Top 5 SEO Mistakes

Top 5 SEO Mistakes (2020)

There are literally thousands of factors that influence the natural listings, and it goes without saying that not all will have a positive effect on your natural listing results. I thought it would be a good idea to identify the top 5 mistakes that as an SEO programmer are all too frequent, and that any […]

Love Blogs

SEOs Love Blogs

Blogs are a fantastic Search engine optimisation tool even if nobody reads them, Google always does. It sometimes takes a while to convince a client of the benefits and they are not always suitable to some industries. A blog is not worth doing if you are not going to update it frequently, by this I […]

Search Engines

Is SEO the Best Form of Internet Marketing?

Results released this week say that the click throughs for Google’s sponsored links for this tax year have only increase by 3% on last year. Now if this is true and you take into account there was an extra day in February, then Google click through’s have stagnated. Now it would be a bold SEO […]

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