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Public or private blog networks

Public blog networks vs. private blog networks

Public and private blog networks both serve the same end goal: boosting traffic for money sites.  Both types come with risks and rewards, and both can be successful if constructed properly.  In general, however, private blog networks are far safer.  Ultimately, public networks are an inferior option for this reason, but can be useful for […]

How much cost is involved in building a private blog network?

Creating a private blog network is a rather cheap and safe way to boost website rankings.  There are three costs to consider when creating a PBN.  The first is the cost of the domains, which can potentially be the cheapest or most expensive portion of the budget.  Hosting the websites is the second concern and […]

What kind of hosting should you have for private blog networks ?

Choosing the hosting method for websites in a private blog network, or PBN, is one of the most important decisions in the process.  Each website must have a unique IP address, and having less characteristics in common is greatly beneficial.  Three main options are available: diversifying hosts, SEO hosting, and purchasing SSL certificates.   Diversifying […]

factors when building a PBN

(2020) What main factors should be considered when building a PBN ?

Driving traffic to one or more money sites through the use of a private blog network, or PBN, can lead to long-term passive income.  Each website in this network contains content on a specific topic that directs a targeted audience to the pages that really matter.  The most important factors to decide before establishing a […]

Dropped Domains For PBN’s

Should You Purchase Dropped Domains For PBN’s

Acquiring expired domain names of previously popular or successful websites can be an excellent strategy for developing a private blog network.  Building a network from the ground up can take too much time and resources, and the chances of finding a dormant domain with excellent history and ranking becomes more and more rare every day.  […]

seo audit

Why Seo Audit is Important?

“How You Can Avoid A Costly, Mismanaged SEO Campaign by Ensuring You Have A Roadmap That Will Get You Where You Want To Go.” How would you like to increase the value of your SEO efforts by 10x-100x and potentially save yourself or your company $1,000s or more in ongoing SEO costs? The truth is, […]

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