Get The Comprehensive SEO Token

Get The Comprehensive SEO Token From PB.Network

Smart Contracts initiates transparency and removes the mediator when two parties are looking forward to exchanging the physical or digital assets. These Smart Contracts are built on the platforms like Solidify or Ethereum Virtual Machine. These contracts help with efficient automated claim settlement. So, if you are looking forward to getting the best SEO Token, reach out to PB.Network.

Token Summary

Token Name:PB.Network
Token symbol:SEO
Token Type:BEP20
Token Distribution:TEAM Token amount – 300,000,000 BONUSES Token amount – 100,000,000 BOUNTIES Token amount – 100,000,000

This platform recently got the review of its token BEP20 Token Contract Code. The token is BEP20, and its symbol is SEO. The target platform for this token was Binance Main Network, and the review took under consideration the Solidity Code. For this Token Code review, the platform has hired experts. This was used to see how it can provide an incredible advantage. The parameters on which this code was assessed are:

  • The architecture of the token code
  • Smart Contract code was checked for the vulnerabilities
  • Tests were done to compliment the customer’s parameters
  • The OWASP Risk Rating Methodology was used for any vulnerabilities

Even the risk assessment of this SEO Token was done to help businesses selling SEO Token maintain transparency and help build trust among the immediate customers. While doing the risk assessment of the tokens, the Likelihood, severity of the code, and technical loss will be taken under consideration. The experts analyze the whole contract system to ensure that the SEO Token is beneficial for the users.

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