Guest Postings Service


2 Unique PBN Links

1 PBN post in DA 25+

max 2 links per article

domains age 10+ years

1 optimized article titles

5 days of delivery


10 Unique PBN Links

5 PBN post in DA 25+

max 2 links per article

domains age 10+ years

5 optimized article titles

7 days of delivery


20 Unique PBN Links

10 PBN post in DA 25+

max 2 links per article

domains age 10+ years

10 optimized article titles

10 days of delivery


This is what you get with each Order


Feature Description
Every Link is Permanent You will get permanent links to your niche site
TF 15+ / CF 15+ Domains are with TF 15 to 50 and CF 15 to 45
DA 25+ / PA 25+ Domains are with DA 25+ and PA 25+
Hand Written Articles We will write 90% unique Articles about your requirements with more than 500+ words
Domains age 10+ years We have domains 10+ years old with good history, zero spam score and all backlinks are natural (no link juice)
Niche we have these follow niche: Finance, Tech, Health, Education, Gambling etc.
Well Designed Blogs All blogs are with professional logo and design
Different IP’s Sites hosted in more than 10 + countries
No Footprints We are constantly doing tests and research to ensure that there are no footprints and to stay ahead as soon as Google launches new updates.
Google Index Guarantee All our domains are indexed in Google.


Welcome Guest Bloggers to PB.Network, the biggest name in the digital networking sector that helps money websites gain ranking through the process of PBN.PBN is the latest trend that allows websites to use aged but high in ranking domains for posting and creating links to their money sites. This helps in easily climbing up the popular Google rankings. We urge our clients to try out one of the niche fields of PBN – guest blogging and to use one of the packages from here and then post the blogs for the promotion of their money sites. Here are some of the features of the packages to pick from before you request for a guest blog from us.

A Preview of the Packages for PBN Guest Blogging:

We have a great team of guest bloggers who continually shall write on a wide variety of topics, ranging from lifestyle, technology, and health for our clients who wish to post them and create a healthy Private Blog Network. To get the guest blogging services, select from one of the three unique packages that we have on offer here:

Basic package:

This package includes 2 unique PBN links and maximum 2 links per article, and additionally over 10+ years old domains too. We commit to offer over 90% unique articles with professional logo and design style. These shall not only fetch you rankings in Google but also be a great read and invite readers to view and re-share them on social media and otherwise wisely.

Standard package:

This effective package is where the clients shall get 10 unique PBN Links, and 5 PBN posts in DA 25+ and more. The package shall also offer 5 optimized article titles and the delivery shall be in seven working days too.
Premium package:

The most favorite of all packages is this Premium package, which offers 20 Unique PBN links and 10 PBN post in DA 25+. The package shall also offer 10 optimized article titles and that too by leaving no footprints and yet making great efforts at reaching out for the client sites.

Why Choose Us for Guest Postings?

  • Appropriate Content: We, from PB.Network, give our clients full control to own a completely safe and secured Private Blog Network. Besides that, they also get contents that would be appropriate and not cramming or spamming unnecessarily.
  • Experienced content writers on board: We have dedicated and trained content writers and developers, who are the best in the industry and who know the exact way to churn out interesting contents for the sake of the clients.
  • Get Content that Passes through Google Indexing: The guest writers would come up with such content that would also pass through Google’s manual reviews and would only be indexed in Google as naturally as ever.

Contact us at PB.Network to know more in detail about the pricing and the topics along with the date of delivery of the contents for promoting your business and ranking it high in the virtual world.

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