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Email Accounts


1 PBN Blog Install

1 Articles 500+ words

Free cPanel Hosting

1 unique IP

5 days of delivery


10 PBN Blog Install

10 Articles 500+ words

Free cPanel Hosting

10 unique IP

10 days of delivery


30 PBN Blog Install

30 Articles 500+ words

Free cPanel Hosting

30 unique IP

30 days of delivery



This is what you get with each Order


Feature Description
Hand Written Articles Every blog is coming with one article 500+ words
Well Designed Blogs All blogs are with professional logo and design
Custom logo We will Create custom logo (If theme has an option)
Free CPanel Hosting We will Create 1-30 CPanel Hosting accounts (absolutely free for 1 year)
Unique Themes We will install unique themes (That show full posts on homepage)
Plugins Recommended Plugins Installed with Proper Setup
Standard Pages Contact, Privacy, Terms of Use, About us
No Footprints We are constantly doing tests and research to ensure that there are no footprints and to stay ahead as soon as Google launches new updates.
Administrator Access to Site You will have full admin access to the backend of your site!


For any company to get business from its website, it would require several services of hosting and sharing, and this is where our services from PB.Network have gained fame. We offer….. everything related to Private Blogging Network and its setting up and guest blogging – you name it, we have it.

Our expertise in handling Private Blogging Network services of installation and managing the content for the client’s money sites has fetched us great fame worldwide. Our PBN Setup comes in various affordable packages, which the clients might choose from for their business needs and their aim.

Every business aims to reach out to a stipulated target audience and buyers, just through their website. Spending on a campaign without worrying about the ROI is not a wise move for any business and this is where PBN setup comes in. We ensure that all our clients get success from each of the PBN blog site that we work on. This is the ROI, which draws clients to visit us and seek our expertise in hosting and managing content.

PBN Setup and their benefits:

PBN Setup would be a process where our expert technicians would set up the Private Blog Network sites.

  • Setting up on popular platforms: These would be on WordPress or Joomla platforms, as they possesses all the permalinks. Moreover, they get all the accurate Contact page information that would help them ease their way through Google indexing and crawling.
  • Removing unwanted widgets and bringing in necessary plugins: The technicians would remove all the unwanted widgets and plugins and have only much necessary plugins and sharing buttons that would help in creating suitable backlinks just as the clients want.

Packages of PBN Setup and how they will be of use:

First you must provide to us from 1 to 30 domains and you will get:
Basic: The basic package would include setting up or installing one blog site, with one 500 or more word article, one unique IP and free cPanel hosting. The site would be ready for launch in a week or seven working days.

Standard: Clients would be able to get 10 PBN Blog installation, and with 10 articles of 500 or more words. The clients would also get 10 unique IP’s and free C-Panel hosting services. The site would be available for delivery with all of these features on it, in ten working days.

Premium: Our clients shall be able to get 30 PBN blog – site installation services, and 30 unique handwritten articles of 500 plus words. The site also gets 30 unique IP addresses too along with free C-Panel hosting.

We, from PB.Network, believe in configuring and customizing our blog sites even on ready platforms of WordPress as per the client specifications. We understand that you might even seek guest bloggers to write content for these blogging and link building. We therefore, are also offering guest postings services and you shall be able to get these packages at attractive prices.

Contact us now to know more in detail about the PBN Setup installation packages, the date of delivery, and the rates too. Also and for the articles and guest blogging, which shall help you to bring in money to your websites.

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