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Create Most Value With The Notable Smart Contract

Smart Contracts induce transparency and efficiency in the core operations when transactions take place between two parties. It works as the self-executing protocol that uses Blockchain technology. With Smart Contract Development, the automated claim settlement takes place reliably and efficiently.

Many platforms help modern businesses to use Smart Contracts effectively and provide SEO Token services too. One of them is PB.Network. This platform does not only offer the SEO tokens but also help businesses with on-site SEO services.

Recently, PB.Network got its BEP20 Token Contract Code review. The type of token was BEP20 with 18 decimals and has the SEO symbol. The company was working on this project for more than 5 years. This minted token has 500,000,000 SEO. Out of them, 300,000,000 are team token, 100,000,000 are Bonuses tokens, and 100,000,000 are bounties tokens. The review was done using the flattened file for creating the Smart Contract, and it included the single solidity file. This review took under consideration the Solidity Code and the target platform Binance Main Network.

The token rate is 27,000 SEO for 1BNB. Moreover, the transaction fee used on this main network is 0.00019291 BNB (Binance Coin). It is the lowest fee charged per transaction. Well, the Binance Main Network helps send almost 10 MIL only for 0.07 cents.

Development Expertise Involved In Smart Contract Development

PB.Network carries out full planning and research before providing its services to the clients. Like, for this SEO Token service, they have hired experts to provide a fair view of the token contract code that can render an incredible advantage. Let us now see what procedure the experts used for reviewing the Smart Contract.

  1. Review of The Token Contract’s Primary Architecture

Here, the experts checked the architecture of the token contract. The code’s correctness was checked, its shortness, and self-documentation too. The code contract was analyzed for syntactic errors too.

  1. Checking For The Vulnerabilities

The Smart Contract code was checked for the customer code requirements, instant constant values, and writing algorithms. The experts also checked even any type of vulnerability.

  1. Testing According To Customer Requirement

The controlled testing of the BEP20 Token Contract code was done to comply with the specified customer requirements. These tests were run in the ‘test net’ to check their authentication.

Risk Assessment of the SEO Token

PB.Network works in the broad development of Smart Contracts. The idea is to help businesses selling SEO Token to maintain complete transparency and help build the trust of their immediate customers into their contract policies. Here, the experts used the OWASP method to categorize the risk rating of the contract code.

The standardized evaluation was done using the OWASP Risk Rating Methodology to check out for any vulnerabilities. Here, are a few factors that were considered.

  • The Likelihood was taken under consideration to check out for the particular vulnerability.
  • The severity of the contract code was checked to analyze the overall critical risk
  • If there is a technical loss, then the impact is used to measure how it will damage the business

Further, the Likelihood and Impact were categorized by the experts in High, Medium, and Low ratings for the BEP20 Token Contract Code that will help us provide seamless SEO Token service. The severity was classified into 4 categories like Critical, High, Medium, and Low, but this token did not exhibit any critical, high, or medium severity.

While accessing the contracts, the token owners can freeze these tokens and can invoke releaseOnce() or releaseAll() to release their tokens when the period is over. Our experts state that unique keys should be generated using the keccak256 that is a secure hashing function. The risk assessment and other considered factors showcase that these things to be kept in mind to ensure the security and quality of the Smart Contract.

PB.Network provided the BEP20 Token Contract Code under its SEO Token service shows no critical errors or vulnerabilities. The inheritance structure was also well-organized that helped to review the code base seamlessly.

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