tips for seo part 2

Tips for Search Engine Optimization (Part 2)

If you found the first part of this article useful, read the following information and you will be able to use SEO to improve your web position.
Traditionally, the web sites, when the search engines only show results from organic search algorithms, were easier to optimize. The techniques for positioning a web site in search engines were already known and listed in the first part of this article.
Is a must to tell you that new technologies in search engines are appearing and have inserted many new variables that must be known and carefully applied when you are optimizing a website.
Some of these new technologies are:

  • Universal search

It is one of the most revolutionary changes in search engines. The search results pages show combined the organic search results with images, videos, blogs, local results, press releases, books and products. Simply, you will no longer have to create content optimized for organic search, but also be optimized for universal search. This is especially important for the vertical content of a website on a specific topic.

  • Custom Searches

Google in particular has launched several features that make easier the search engines to link content to user actions in the browser that are stored on Google Webhistory, Google Bookmarks, Google Sidewiki. In March 2010, Google presented an application that makes possible to add stars that appear in the search to mark links as favorites.

  • Real time search

This feature provides the opportunity of linking search results with web sites that provide real-time content, such as Twitter, Myspace or Facebook. The list of social networks that provides real-time content is growing every day.

  • Social search

It was released as a Google experiment in late 2009. It consists in providing in the search results pages the content from social networks that have been entered in the user profile. These contents are only obtained from the network of contacts that a user has got on his/her social network and are relevant to the keywords used in the search.

  • Local searches

It is a feature that provides Google. It is a combination of Google Maps with Google Local Business, which provides content for searches of local demand, where the results are valid in a specific geographic region.
These are some of the most important tools to look forward when you decide to improve your web site visibility with SEO.

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