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PBN or Private Blog Network is a modern method that helps modern businesses to reach out and to improve their business sites. If a company gets money through their website as well as target audience, then it would be worth the investment too. It is with this view in mind, businesses and SEO marketers these days, are going for Private Blog Network. It is nothing new when businesses go for content and guest blogs to post across various sites and directories just for creating a backlink to their money website.

PBN or Private Blog Network is a blogging network that enables people to go for enriching and building a network using blogs. These blogs in the PBN would use an expired or old domain and it would help since these domains might be expired, but still carry high ranking in the Google metrics.

Why Us?

PB.Network is not just a seo service that offers to help clients in setting up the network globally. Rather, the company does a lot more in a very systematic manner. We are a certified company and a team of precision-oriented and focused professionals who are consistently working to set up Private Blog Network of blog sites across old or expired domains.

 Reasons to choose us:

Time-bound: We chart out timelines for our clients and work as per that so that our
clients shall be able to see the process and work out the expense and get the clear ROI.

Relevant Approach: We do not dilly dally or come up with dreamy plans that just look good on paper. Our approach is very pragmatic and backed with Plan B’s too so that there is no time lost.

Experienced staff members: We, from PB.Network, take pride in having teams of experienced staff members on board who know the work in its intricate details.From setting up the blog sites and maintaining it to removing unwanted widgets, our teams know the best way to help your business site get the desired rank in Google.

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Welcome Guest Bloggers to PB.Network, the biggest name in the digital networking sector that helps money websites gain ranking through the process of PBN. PBN is the latest trend that allows websites to use aged but high in ranking domains for posting and creating links to their money sites. This helps in easily climbing up the popular Google rankings.


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For any company to get business from its website, it would require several services of hosting and sharing, and this is where our services from PB.Network have gained fame. We offer  everything related to Private Blogging Network and its setting up and guest blogging – you name it, we have it.


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One of the most important and the most talked about methods of bringing in revenue to a website today is through Private Blog networking. The process is by itself viewed by  analysts and SEO experts around the world in the same perspective or perhaps even as more effective method than simple back linking process.

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Every Link is Permanent

TF 15+/CF 15+

Hand Written Articles

Domains age 10+ years

Premium WP Themes

Different IP's

No Footprints

Google Index Guarantee


1 to 30 PBN Blogs

Hand Written Articles

Custom logo

Free CPanel Hosting

Admin Access to Site

Standard Pages

No Footprints

Dummy ads 

Premium Old Domains

TF 15+/CF 20+

Refering domains 40 +

Hand Written Articles

SPAM Cheked Bakcklinks

One Year CPanel Hosting

Different A, B, C - Class IP's

Privacy Protected

Please review the samples that we offer you for guest posting


Here is the DEMO site

We also offer and Gambling (Casino, Poker and Sport Betting) guest postings.



Your Plan

Disk Space




Email Accounts



2 Unique PBN Links

1 PBN post in DA 25+

max 2 links per article

domains age 10+ years

1 optimized article titles

5 days of delivery

6 Unique PBN Links

3 PBN post in DA 25+

max 2 links per article

domains age 10+ years

3 optimized article titles

7 days of delivery

10 Unique PBN Links

5 PBN post in DA 25+

max 2 links per article

domains age 10+ years

5 optimized article titles

10 days of delivery

Customers for Us

I chose the “Guest Blogging – Basic” for Guest post from PB.Network. I’am very happy that I chose this site and I got 2 Unique PBN links on domains that were more than a decade old.
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I wanted to go for Professional Package from the Private Blog Network service. I was struggling to raise my official website’s traffic and earn great conversion out of it.
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When I was trying to make money out of my website, I found that there were plenty of new tools in the market. Of that, the one that was gaining popularity was the Private Blog Network.
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Importance of Organic SEO for Online Poker Rooms

Most often organic SEO is ignored by Online Poker Rooms in favour of Direct Marketing or Affiliate Marketing which are the most preferred way of acquiring new poker players. Organic SEO remains underutilized by the online poker rooms which can bring far more new poker...

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