PBN or Private Blog Network is a modern method that helps modern businesses to reach out and to improve their business sites. If a company gets money through their website as well as target audience, then it would be worth the investment too. It is with this view in mind, businesses and SEO marketers these days, are going for PBN's. It is nothing new when businesses go for content and guest blogs to post across various sites and directories just for creating a backlinks to their money website.

PBN or Private Blog Networks is a blogging network that enables people to go for enriching and building a network using blogs. These blogs in the PBN would use an expired or old domain and it would help since these domains might be expired, but still carry high ranking in the Google metrics.

Guest Blog Posting

Welcome Guest Bloggers to PB.Network, the biggest name in the digital networking sector that helps money websites gain ranking through the process of PBN.

Private Blog Network

One of the most important and the most talked about methods of bringing in revenue to a website today is through Private Blog networking.

OnPage SEO

The once way to know whether you are doing good is to regularly check your backlink profile, current keywords positions, onPage SEO issues.

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Why Us?

PB.Network is not just a seo service that offers to help clients in setting up the network globally. Rather, the company does a lot more in a very systematic manner. We are a certified company and a team of precision-oriented and focused professionals who are consistently working to set up Private Blog Network of blog sites across old or expired domains.

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What are you going to receive?

You know that SEO is divided into 2 parts – onPage and offPage optimization. Having the knowledge of what is your current score and if there are any potential improvements is an incredible advantage. This service is going to help you with:

Private Blog Networks


We, from PB.Network, would offer to set up PBN on Aged and Never dropped high in ranking domains (we not work with expired “dropped” domains) so that these PBN blog sites reach up faster on the Google ranking. We offer packages for the clients to pick from just because as per that, we shall create the number of blog sites and then share it to create all the links and backlinks.


Gambling and Casino SEO

We are Private Blog Network Services, working with an intention of helping online casinos to get backlinks, and even attain a prominent position in the search engine ranking. We offer Gaming, casino & gambling niche guest blog postings, online Casino Seo, Gambling Seo, and other such activities for building a really strong Private Blogging Network or PBN using other aged domains.


Guest Blog Postings

A Preview of the Packages for PBN Guest Blogging:

We have a great team of guest bloggers who continually shall write on a wide variety of topics, ranging from lifestyle, technology, and health for our clients who wish to post them and create a healthy Private Blog Network. To get the guest blogging services, select from one of the three unique packages that we have on offer here:


301 – Redirect Backlinks

What are you going to do for me?

We will search & register for you a domain that has a strong, spam-free backlink profile and links from sites like Forbes (or another super-authority website) that had dropped before. Then, we are going to make a permanent 301 redirect* to your website. You will get the whole power of the dropped domain. For example – if the domain had high DA, PA, TF and CF values it’s absolutely possible to get its awesome metrics.

Reasons to choose us:

Time-bound: We chart out timelines for our clients and work as per that so that our clients shall be able to see the process and work out the expense and get the clear ROI.

Relevant Approach: We do not dilly dally or come up with dreamy plans that just look good on paper. Our approach is very pragmatic and backed with Plan B’s too so that there is no time lost.

Experienced staff members: We, from PB.Network, take pride in having teams of experienced staff members on board who know the work in its intricate details. From setting up the blog sites and maintaining it to removing unwanted widgets, our teams know the best way to help your business site get the desired rank in Google.

Contact us here to know more about the packages and pricing for our services.

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