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Blogs are a fantastic Search engine optimisation tool even if nobody reads them, Google always does. It sometimes takes a while to convince a client of the benefits and they are not always suitable to some industries. A blog is not worth doing if you are not going to update it frequently, by this I mean an update at least once a week and even better once day. While this can be hard to arrange, it is well worth the time and effort.
I will now go thought some tips for creating a fantastic blog:
1) Get a Google account and sign up to Google Alert for your industry then use this to keep your blogs up today with the latest industry news.
2) Keep your blog on your domain and not a sub-domain and also have snippets of your last three to five blogs on your home page. This ensures that your home page has fresh content on a regular basics, therefore Google will spider the site more often.
3) Have good URL’s for each blog relating to the title of your blog. This allows Google to easy identify what your blog is about.
4) Have an up to date ping list, this is a list of all the blog sites that your blog goes out to such as “Technorati”. This can be implemented by most pieces of bloging software.
5) Try to include one of your keywords in the title and the first two lines of your blog, remember this will go on your home page and add to the keyword density.
6) Write your blog with your user in mind and try to create a topic of conversation; this will have a viral effect around the web if done correctly.

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