What kind of hosting should you have for private blog networks ?

Choosing the hosting method for websites in a private blog network, or PBN, is one of the most important decisions in the process.  Each website must have a unique IP address, and having less characteristics in common is greatly beneficial.  Three main options are available: diversifying hosts, SEO hosting, and purchasing SSL certificates.


Diversifying Hosts

Although it may be time consuming, choosing a different host for each website in a private blog network is the cheapest way to ensure that every IP address is different.  Doing this is a great option for those who wish to break into the world of PBNs.  Since novice PBN owners will likely only have five to fifteen websites in their network, finding a unique host for each one will not be difficult.  Doing so for a larger volume of sites becomes arduous at best.


SEO Hosting

When a network begins to grow or a larger secondary network is desired,
switching hosting types is unavoidable.  SEO hosting refers to a service
that is offered by some companies which simply provides unique IP addresses for
each additional website registered.  This provides the benefit of keeping
every website in the network under a single account, making their management
far simpler.  It also allows for an unlimited number of websites in a
network, as well as an unlimited number of networks.  SEO hosting is more
expensive than normal hosting.


SSL Certificates

As an alternative to SEO hosting, most website hosts offer the option to purchase Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, certificates.  Any website with this certificate enjoys the option to have a unique IP address assigned to it, among other benefits.  Choosing this method is the most expensive of the three options, but could be more convenient for those who have a preferred host who does not offer SEO hosting.  Websites in a private blog network typically do not have any use for the extra features that come with an SSL certificate, but having one gives users a sense of trust.


Web Hosting Features

While choosing a host based on IP addresses takes priority, choosing a host
with suitable features is also something to consider.  Hosts that offer
quick and easy integration of blogging platforms (for example, a “one-click
WordPress install”) are desirable as they take little to no effort to begin
producing content.  If selecting a host that offers SEO hosting or SSL
certificates, it is wise to choose one that also offers a wide variety of
platforms or thematic templates.  Diversity is key.

Other basic features which are important for any website are of course also important for a niche PBN website.  Notable concerns include cost, server stability, security, and bandwidth allowance, among others.  A small amount of extra money for a more reliable service may be worth the investment – this is part of calculating risk versus reward, which is a skill all PBN owners learn with time.

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