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Seo Website Audit: Onpage Optimization Vs Offpage Optimization (2022)

Rambling across various webmaster forums you might have stumbled upon the discussions like “Which is more important on page or off page SEO?” Some folks their state that link building is the key to online domination and on page SEO is good-for-nothing. Some put forward contra arguments saying that “Content is king!” and on page optimization can no way be sidelined.

So where is the truth? It’s somewhere in between.

In the approximate ratio of Google’s algorithm on page factors take somewhat like 20%, while off page ones about 80%. But the point is that just doing link building is not enough. It’s like pushing a car with a handbrake pulled up. On page SEO blazes the path for the ultimate success of any SEO campaign. No matter how many links point to your site you won’t see your website shining bright at the top of search results if you don’t run proper on page optimization.

But what exactly does the notion on page SEO imply? Some entry-level website optimizers mistakenly consider that it’s just stuffing a website with the main keywords. Meanwhile, the concept of on page optimization is much broader and includes lots of different aspects.

So, the cornerstones of on page SEO are:


Keywords are like building bricks for SEO. All HTML elements of a web page (the title, meta tags, header tags, alt texts, etc.) should be properly stuffed with them. If you manage to bet on the right keywords to optimize your website for, choose their right density and prominence – all that will enhance your chances to get to Google’s top.


High quality website content is the most stable cyberspace currency to grab the attention of website target audience and boost traffic. If a website is filled with high quality and relevant content that gets updated on a regular basis that significantly increases your website’s popularity.

One also shouldn’t forget about making XML sitemaps and proper maintenance of internal link structure so that search engine spiders could crawl and index new pages of your website.

Moreover, there are some little-known on page optimization tweaks that are often neglected when doing on page SEO, but may significantly help you improve your website rankings. They are about improving website architecture, smoking out HTML errors, broken or dead links, hidden text, duplicate content, orphan pages and other bugging issues.

And remember there is no on page and off page SEO, there is just SEO. Extend your content with quality and unique text, constantly run link building and the desired results will come.

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