What means web audit and how to improve my ranking?

Because it’s you in the hot seat for effective web promotion in your company…

You’re already on the Web, so you already know how important a channel it is in reaching out to your customers. In Britain alone, there are 34 million Web users!
These surfers spend twice as much time surfing the Internet as they do watching telly. And every single one of them finds the pages they visit by using search engines. A daily audience to capture. Millions of opportunities.
With all that potential, are you sure your website is designed for successful advertising? Can you be sure your promotional efforts are delivering the maximum possible results?
Yes you can! Which is what our Web SEO Audit service is all about, providing you with the insights to make the right decisions. We provide you with all the necessary information to achieve it too. Just look at the opportunities you get when you choose an audit for your company.

A web site audit enables you to:

  • Increase your competitiveness and market edge
  • Reduce your product or service selling costs
  • Slash your customer recruitment costs
  • Compete effectively against market leaders in Britain and worldwide
  • Improve your company’s brand image
  • Lower your marketing costs


How is an audit the key to higher income?

With an in-depth website audit tailored by our professionals, you are equipped with extremely useful information on how to promote your company’s presence on the Web successfully.
Buying an audit shows you how best to spend your money in web advertising – effectively giving you more bang for your buck – with substantially reduced wastage and well-profiled advertising directed more sharply to the customers you need.

Avoid the pitfalls of trial and error!

Any advertising budget has to perform against measurable results. But with so much opportunity locked away in web coding behind the scenes, an audit provides an invaluable resource – worth ten times its weight in the bitter experience of a web advertising campaign that falls unexplainably short of expectations.
With conventional statistics, an advertising campaign can only be partly successful. Buying a Web Audit right catapults your web promotion into a higher performing plane, quickly and effectively providing insights you can trust before you commit a single penny.

How does the audit work?

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