Where do people really click – SEO or PPC?

In the internet marketing arena, it is often asked where do people click, in the sponsored results or on the organic results. On a recent search of the internet for car tyres, it became as clear as mud. In this world of online advertisement we look at products, see if the description matches what we want and click when it matches our requirements. I have however found recently there are a number of products I instantly swing towards the paid listings, and a large number of arenas where I would stay with the organics.

I have found with products which I require any information or product choice prior to purchasing, I will automatically go to the natural listings and spend time browsing around a website getting the information, and potentially return there to purchase the product, However it is the exact opposite when I know exactly what product I want. If I was going to purchase a Michelin tyre, I am browsing the web for the cheapest price to my door, and therefore putting in quite specific search queries into the search engine and PPC yields the results I am after.
Whilst this analysis was on quite a small scale, what it does go to show is PPC is great for the long tail of search, usually where the clicks are at their cheapest and have a high conversion rate. However what can be said is that SEO is immense at providing targetted traffic under keywords your website is an authority on, and converts through the users trusting the website and searching internally for the product they want to purchase.

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