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(2020) How to outrank your competitors (gambling niche)? Creating a killing business strategy for online betting site in 4 steps.

Online gambling is already a multibillion-dollar industry, but with the United States poised to get in on the action as well – with a number of states already legalizing online betting, and the rest of the nation soon to follow – the potential for some pretty amazing online casino profits are off the charts.
If you’re going to be developing your own online betting site you need to make sure that you have all of your bases covered when it comes to traffic generation.
You can have the best online gambling platform on the planet, but unless you know how to drive targeted traffic and excited players to your platform you’ll never be able to make the kind of money that you’re hoping to.

That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) for betting sites comes into play.

Below you’ll find a handful of tips and tricks that will help you dramatically improve your SEO for gambling websites. You’ll better understand EXACTLY what you have to do to tip the scales in your favor, how to attract a flood of targeted traffic, and how to make sure that you hook your players so that they fall in love with your platform long after they have diSEOvered it.
Let’s dive right in!

Figure Out The Kind Of Gaming Platform You Want To Be

The number one rule for gambling SEO efforts today is discovering exactly the kind of gambling platform you want to be, the kinds of players you want to cater to, and the niche you are going to serve.
It’s almost impossible to be a Vegas style casino online – an online betting site that caters to anyone and everyone – these days when you’re going up against deep-pocketed organizations that can outspend you at every corner.
Develop a niche, focus on attracting a specific clientele and serving them better than anyone else out there could, and all of a sudden your search engine optimization efforts become a lot more laser targeted, a lot more cost-effective, and a lot more lucrative.

Your Content Marketing Campaign Is Key

On page search engine optimization is the name of the game right now, with Google and other major search engine platforms focusing on the content that you generate for the majority of your search engine rankings.
Run-of-the-mill content isn’t going to get much done, and may in fact even get you shuffled to the back of the deck when it comes to search engine results. You need to create targeted content for your ideal audience, valuable content that people share online, and the kind of content that is obviously written for people first and search engine robots second.
Consider hiring a ghost writer did knockout laser targeted content if you don’t feel like handling all of the heavy lifting on your own. But again, make sure that the content is high-value, that it is targeted to your player base, and that enough content is regularly being added to your online platform so that you have more pages for Google to index – and more pages to improve your search engine rankings.

Run Smart Inbound Link Campaigns

Link building and the “link juice” that they give your search engine rankings are a huge piece of the puzzle, but there are so many different ways to get a link that you want to focus on only the most effective – the link building efforts that move the needle right out of the gate.
Guest posting (publishing your own content on someone else’s website or platform with back links headed to your “money site”) is always effective, provided that you are posting on websites that have built up authority, have real influence in the search engine rankings you’re trying to dominate as well, and it’s even better if they have quite a bit of web traffic that you can piggyback off of for a jump start there, too.
Authoritative back links are always going to be considered to be the most valuable. Getting published on a .EDU or .GOV website will carry quite a bit of extra link juice, and there are some creative ways that you can get these kinds of links – particularly if you’re building content specifically for these pages that relate back to your online betting sites.

Hire Professionals To Help You With The Heavy Lifting

The most important thing you have to realize about casino & gambling SEO is that there’s no such thing as “set it and forget it” results.
As a general rule, search engine optimization is a constant and ongoing practice that you’re going to have to focus on every single day you run your online gaming platform. What works today in the world of search engine optimization may not work at all tomorrow, all because of the major changes Google and the other search engine platforms make to their search engine ranking algorithms with no notice, no rhyme, and no reason.
On top of that, whenever you’re talking about an industry as competitive as the online gaming and gambling industry – where billions of dollars are potentially up for grabs – you can’t rest on your laurels for even a single second. Competitors are always trying to steal your lunch.
Smart, savvy, and strategic entrepreneurs understand the value in taking advantage of SEO packages designed specifically for gambling and gaming platforms, outsourcing this kind of work to those that can dedicate themselves to all of the moving parts in the world of search engine optimization.
By choosing outsource this work to legitimate professionals you’ll be able to get better results a whole lot faster than you would have been able to otherwise. On top of that, you’ll be able to focus your entrepreneurial efforts elsewhere, working on your business rather than in your business.
This kind of leverage really fast tracks your success in a way that just isn’t possible when you’re spending all your time learning how to master search engine optimization and then working double overtime to implement everything you’ve just learned.
Take advantage of professional search engine optimization solutions from those with a track record of building effective traffic generation campaigns for gambling sites and you’ll be off to the races!

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