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Tips for Search Engine Optimization (Part 1)

If you need some advices on SEO to improve your web site visibility, read this article and follow the tips below.

  • Get other websites in related topics to link to your website. It is interesting to search for those terms that you think should drive traffic to your website and study which of them are of a complementary content.
    If you position yourself, for example, with the term “restaurant Texas” may be interesting to try to get backlinks from restaurants in other cities. The theme will be similar and will be not risk of “cannibalization”.
  • Register your web site in relevant directories. The directories have lost interest in the search engines but still are a good starting point for links or a first step of your site in search engines. They both require a human filter for inclusion which ensures the quality of the web added.
  • Participate in forums, preferably in thematic forums related to the activity of your website. The frequent participation must be accompanied by real and valuable contribution to be a qualified user.
  • Write articles on other websites. The articles are a very powerful method to improve positioning and attracting visits.
  •  There are hundreds of social networks, such as Hi5, Facebook, Orkut, in which visitors can participate and get new “friends.”
  • Use bold or italics letters in the content for the keywords.
  • Make your site as accessible as possible: limit the Flash content, frames and JavaScript.
  • Create unique titles and descriptions for each page. The titles and descriptions are the starting points to identify the relevant terms all over the web by search engines. It is recommended to write titles between 60 and 70 characters.
  • Update the page with quality and original content.
  • Exchange content with other web sites.
  • Enhance user experience with improved design and reduced bounce rates.
  • Host your web on a reliable server.

Follow these tips and read the second part of this article for better results.

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