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How many sites should you have in your network?

Creating a private blog network is a process that can greatly differ depending on various factors.  Budget, time, and resources are generally the greatest limiting factors.  The size of a PBN can vary based on any of these, as well as other factors such as availability of bulk domain packages.  In general, the size of a network should be determined by a combination of the desired level of traffic and the net cost of operation.

Resources, Cost and Return on Investment

The number of websites in a network can be infinite with enough resources.  There is no magic number of nodes to maximize one’s return on investment – each individual network will have different results.  Having a larger network does correlate to more work and maintenance, however.  Most who have no experience using PBNs find greater success starting out small, with five to fifteen websites, which are easier to manage.  More websites on a network results in the necessity for more content as well as more backend responsibilities.

Owners of private blog networks must remember that “resources” refers to more than just a monetary investment.  An individual could easily manage to create enough content for fifteen different niche websites.  Expanding much further than that, however, would be a significant drain on one’s time.  Additionally, each blog on a network should have a different web host, appearance, and platform if possible; these are finite resources and less overlap of these aspects generally yields better results.

As a general rule for beginners, it is best to gradually increase the number of websites in a network until the desired level of traffic is reached, or the cost-to-return ratio drops below a desirable amount.  Those with more experience or larger websites might start out with a larger network – 50 sites or more – and fine tune as necessary.

Outsourcing Content Creation

In order to keep websites high in page rankings and drive traffic more effectively, content on blogs must be fresh.  Most private blog networks are filled with content by outsourced writers to save the time and resources of the owner.  This can become costly as more sites are added to the network.  It is imperative to keep in mind that the overhead for any single site does not lie only in its domain and hosting cost.  As such, this can quickly become the primary limiting factor for a budget.

Buying Bulk Packages versus Building a Network

The advantage to buying a package of domain names when starting a private blog network is having a set of domains that already have decent page rankings and (provided that proper research is done) no negative history with Google’s indexing service.  Most bulk packages, however, come in larger quantities, and those who are not yet prepared to utilize them fully may end up losing money.

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