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Is SEO the Best Form of Internet Marketing?

Results released this week say that the click throughs for Google’s sponsored links for this tax year have only increase by 3% on last year. Now if this is true and you take into account there was an extra day in February, then Google click through’s have stagnated.
Now it would be a bold SEO to say that this means Search Engine Optimisation is the new king of internet marketing, I am not that stupid, SEO has definitely been taken up by more companies in recent years and I think a lot of users are becoming aware of what a sponsored link is; they earn their position by paying for it. There is a belief that sites in the natural listings have earnt their position by merit, which is not true, they earn their position though good SEO’s such as the programmers here at Click Consult. I believe PPC can have a massive impact on a business if used correctly, although I believe the real culprit slowing the growth of Google sponsored listing could be the competition, By this I don’t mean MSN or Yahoo but social media sites.
Its a true fact that people spend more time on social media sites than search engines and there is a wealth of information to be found using these sites. There popularity has grown due to the element of trust, these are real people with real recommendations or good SEO’s. The truth is that the best form of internet marketing is having the right people who understand the market place and uses the right methods at the time dependent on your business.

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