SEO casino website – beginner’s tips

Find out what else besides casino backlinks you should focus on as a newbie in gambling SEO. Here’s our guide of tricks every SEO novice must be aware of.

iGaming industry these days is so huge that many SEO specialists might believe that it’s an easy task to optimize a casino and put it at the first positions in SERP. But this task is not simple at all. On the contrary, the fact that there are so competitors you will face and meet on your way to success turn the entire SEO casino website procedure into a nightmare if you are a novice in the field.

But instead of losing motivation or feeling ashamed of your small experience in the field, better remain on this page. Below we will show you some of the SEO casino website techniques. All of them are suitable for beginners in the field just like you:

  • Have a good copywriter with knowledge in the field in your team. This is your biggest helper for the job. A copywriter who knows nothing about casinos and real money games will not be able to focus on the purpose you have been focusing on. Moreover, if it is necessary make sure the content writer knows the gambling terms in details. In most cases, they are the keywords to focus on.
  • Speaking of which, making a research for the relevant keywords is the first thing you should start with. Even when the task is not officially given to you by the client you need to be have an idea what to offer and recommended him as a plan for the SEO.
  • Consider casino backlinks as your top supporters for the ranking in SERP. Although some people claim that this is too old-fashioned, we believe that backlinks do have their value not only for the casino optimization, but for SEO as a whole. Of course, some topics don’t fit the backlinks practices that much. Though, casino sphere is not among them.
  • Know your price and the real value for the service. Every client will try to pay as small amount for salary as possible. But casino SEO service is definitely not among the cheapest services in the digital sphere nowadays. The big level of competition in the sphere, as well as the constant risk of having the website blocked by Google due to so many restrictions and limits in the content creation (and positioning) turn the SEO specialist’s job into a quite tough one.
  • Stick to consistent content creation and positioning. The consistency in content – regardless of the topic, but including when it comes to casinos – is something Google does care a lot about these days. Even in the latest updates for SEO rules the big IT leader has made another friendly reminder for the specialists to be careful about.

As a beginner in the field of SEO casino optimization you might feel plenty of tough tasks, as well as difficulties. But this should not demotivate you. Instead, even if you do a mistake in this job use it for a lesson to apply in your next project.

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