Keywords Search Relevance

Keywords Search Relevance in 2022

With the continuous technological development and innovations, SEO takes its hike by constantly changing its landscape to cope up with the new technology, Google algorithm updates, and other factors that could make an impact in the business. Well, we are all aware that keywords have been a standard for SEO. Keywords are particular words or phrase that describes the contents of the Web page. It is also intended to act as a shortcut that could sum up an entire page, which is why we are still using it today. But many are asking, “Will a targeted keyword research can still be worthwhile this year and for the years to come?”             

Relevance of keywords on SEO this 2022:

    People who state that keywords “are dead” are mostly insane. We still need keywords to be able to search in Google; it acts as simple information for Google’s analysis. Keyword placement matters more than the frequency. Unlike before where keywords are mostly prioritize to be included on the site’s contents, we reduced it down to the fact that it should only be present on the site’s header and footer. Because Google will still break down the site and it has a high priority on the said areas. Though it has areas where it should be found, do not stick on ONE specific keyword. It could result to repetition that could be charged with penalties.

    Keyword research has upgraded to Semantic Search; this is a data searching technique that aims to find keywords and to determine the intent and contextual meaning of the words a person is using for search. It also provides the user with more meaningful search results by finding the most relevant results in a website. Unlike the typical search algorithm, this search technique is based on the substance, intent, context, and concept of the phrase.

    The site’s speed is a factor that can affect a site’s authority because waiting for a site to download is like waiting in line to order food and if the line consumes a lot of time, the costumer will walk away and find another food chain to dine in. That is why Google is doing everything they can to make every site load fast.


    Almost 51 percent of the U.S. online shoppers leave a website because of the sites very slow loading process, which results to incomplete purchase transaction.

    The website’s fast loading process is good for online business because the visitor is happy about the site’s fast service. Online business owners out there should know that a 1 second delay could cost them 7 percent of their sales especially during peak traffic hours, 75 percent of online consumers are more willing to visit other competitor sites instead of waiting for the site to download.

    Researchers have found that 47 percent of web users are expecting a website to download in less than two seconds. In short, people are not hesitant to jump from one site to another if a particular site could not load under two seconds.

But still keyword search is very relevant in the year 2022 and will not fade for as long as we are searching and looking for information in Google.

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