Using Long Tail Key Words

Using Long Tail Key Words to Get People to Your Website

Let’s be honest here, normally you would only add a blog to your website for SEO reasons. I can’t imagine many people like to sit down after a hard day at work and write an article about their business.
A blog is a great way to add more pages to your website and target specific long tail keywords. If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘Long Tail’ it’s simply a very specific search. For example, “White IPOD USB Charging Lead”, you may think this wouldn’t bring much traffic to your website and you may be right but imagine over one thousand long tail keywords developed around your business and you could be looking at a lot of additional web traffic. It has also been proven that long tail keywords have a much higher conversion rate compared to more generic keywords.
Another benefit to long tail keywords is that there is usually only very low competition making them very easy to rank and you may be lucky enough to find your blog posts automatically appear on page 1 of googles results without any optimization.
If you are targeting specific more generic keywords for your main site, for example we are currently working on “Private Blog Network Services” and “SEO Services”. If you get used to automatically including these in your blog and making them look natural then google will see this and it will help improve the relevancy of your whole website for those keywords.
It can be hard writing blog posts with long tail keywords in mind, but remember to keep your writing as informative and as useful as possible. If someone does find your website from your blog post then they are likely to read it before looking at the rest of your site. If the article makes no sense then they are more than likely just to hit the ‘back’ button and move on to the next search result.
Remember SEO is a long term and on going process and every little helps, even if you can not write a blog post every day try to do one per week and over time you will have a great deal of long tail keywords which should increase the visits to your website.

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