Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission In General

Search engine submission is one of the ways search engines get to know about your website. When a man posts even a simple page to the Web, it means he has something to tell about, but the only way to find his message in immeasurable space of Internet is to resort to the help of search engines. As is often the case, to become indexed is possible only by means of search engine submission.
In general, search engine submission refers to getting your website listed with search engines. Nowadays, submission is even less than that; it’s just an application to a search engine to include your site in the index. Every search engine performs its own form of suggestion a site, but in most cases, they are familiar. Sometimes on a search engine submission form, only the main URL of the site is required; the rest of information will be found by search engine’s crawler.
At the moment the site is suggested, it is put down on a waiting list to be scanned. The common mistake is that people repeat the process of search engine submission for several times hoping the spider finally will notice their call. In such cases, the site gets to the end of the line again.

Is Search Engine Submission Necessary?

It could be said that there is no need for search engine submission because your website will be found by search engines by incoming links. If some competent sites link to your site, it is obvious that it should be noticed and referred by search engines as a high-quality resource. However, in case you don’t dispose of such links, nothing but search engine submission could help you. Moreover, if you have a brand new website, waiting for a spider to crawl it may be destructive to your plans. In addition, there’s no guarantee that the spider will pick up your pages during a crawl. Here’s where a regular search engine submission may be of some use.

Types of Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission could be realized manually and in an automated manner. The process of manual submission consists of a visiting an “Add URL” page of a definite search engine and filling out the form. This method could grow to labor-intensive one because of the quantity of search engines and pages if suggesting every page on your site is requested. The solution to this problem is proposed by softwares realizing auto submission. You fill out data once, select search engines from the list and press “Submit.” However, when choosing software for search engine submission, make sure to select one that ensures the safety of your IP and website. Most search engines don’t like automated requests, and such actions could be penalized.

Paid Search Engine Submission

Every man wants his site to become indexed immediately after submission. Of course, it’s impossible, but this period could be shortened due to “paid search engine submission.” The difference between basic and paid listings lies in the speed of spiders realizing the scanning. Using free search engine submission, you’ll wait for results for few months while the paid inclusion spider will make it in few days. The antagonizing feature of the paid search engine submission is its price, and it’s up to you to decide is it worthy of paying for.

Crawler-based Search Engine Submission

If you don’t want to wait the spider of Crawler-based Search Engine will find your site, of course, you can suggest it by yourself, but before using the search engine submission option, make sure your pages are well-optimized. Remember that your website will be valued not by people, and the impartial search engine spider will not be delighted with your sophisticated design.

Submission at Directories

In this case, the relevancy of your work will be determined by a human. There editors scan websites suggested for submission in the order of term, but some directories propose to make it in a shorter time by means of some fee. Anyway, it’s better to prepare your website URL, title, description, keywords, and email printed at some generic text editor to paste them to the form of submission when it’s required.

Myths About Search Engine Submission

There are two myths about search engine submission. The first says that suggestion a site to all known search engines will bring you precious traffic. The second says that search engine submission does not work at all. In fact, they both are fraught with the truth. The search engine spiders could find website anyway, but it will be crawled more deeply if you submit pages following definite search engine’s rules. Moreover, some regional search engines and all directories prefer that you submit your site and its pages instead of waiting for them to come to you.
You should remember that search engine submission does not guarantee your listing, and listing does not guarantee your ranking. However, once you get listed, things fall more into your control because you know the search engine knows about you and you can try to improve your rankings with the help of optimization, link popularity improvement, and other features.

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