general or target niche blogs

Should the blogs be on general niche or targeted niche?

The purpose of a private blog network is to drive mass amounts of traffic to other websites and increase their page ranking in search engines.  As such, the content of each blog should be tailored to pull in interested users.  General and targeted niche blogs have different benefits and drawbacks concerning drawing in viewers.

Defining General and Targeted Niches

The term “niche” itself is used to define extremely specific topics, so to call something a general niche is a bit unusual.  The difference lies in how specifically defined the audience is based on the topic of the website.  For example, a blog about the effects of vitamin supplements would be considered a general niche blog, whereas a blog focused on the effects of vitamin supplements on men of age 18 to 25 would be considered a targeted niche.

Acquiring a User Base

Targeted niche blogs are designed to create a very specific user base.  Most if not all visitors to the page will fit the target audience, and they will be more likely to relate to the content.  This equates to more users following backlinks instead of skimming through a post and returning to search results.  While more general sites may generate more views, targeted sites pull in the users who matter.

Private blog networks often consist of a large number of websites.  Instead of filling the entire network with different variants of the same general niche site, one could potentially create a network that covers every targeted audience for a particular topic.  This not only provides less competition amongst sites within the network, but also makes creating diverse content and making the sites seem unrelated a simple task.

Avoiding Competition

More general websites suffer from a far greater level of saturation.  Targeted niche sites provide competition for general niche sites on top of any other general sites that may already exist. Very specific websites, however, often have very few competitors or none at all.  Becoming known as the first or only resource for any topic is the ideal result for a niche website.

Alternatively, general niche blogs that are about a subject which has no arena yet can be extremely profitable.  In the age of information, it is rare to find a “general” topic that has not been covered by hundreds of others already.  In the event that it does happen, creating a network of general niche sites to fill the void makes it far more difficult for competitors to gain any relevance, resulting in a backlink monopoly for that private blog network.

Versatility Concerns

General niche blogs hold one very distinct advantage over targeted niche blogs: they can successfully backlink to a wider range of websites.  A more generalized PBN would also be fairly easy to sell in the future if desired.  Networks filled with targeted sites generally only provide traffic for a small number of money sites.  Additionally, targeted niche domains will likely need to be sold individually.

The Verdict

In summation, targeted niche blogs are almost always the better choice for a private blog network.  General blogs can be more versatile, but most PBN owners are only concerned with a few specific websites, so this is less of a concern.  Niche sites generate more useful traffic, prevent inter-network competition, and are less likely to be pitted against a saturated market.

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